3 Exotic Fruits You Must Include In Your Diet

3 Exotic Fruits You Must Include In Your Diet

When you visit a nearby local market or surf online, you come across a plethora of fruits - from apples to watermelons to guavas. While these fruits have their own health benefits, you can’t survive on the same flavors for long. When the plan is to bring a change to the diet, without compromising, and add more colors and flavors to home-made shakes, smoothies, and even desserts, you must try some exotic fruits to refresh your taste buds.

Since local markets are limited to common fruits only, you can expect to find rare and fresh fruits, like Duiran and Custard Apple, on My Exotic Fruit.

If you’re tempted to some new flavors to your diet, here we have curated a list of exotic fruits that you must try.

Custard Apple

Also known as cherimoya, Custard Apple is a heart-shaped tropical fruit that is consumed worldwide to calm down the nerves. Though the fruit is native to the West Indies and South America, this delicate fruit with a greenish scaly skin is available on My Exotic Fruit. The fruit got his name from the custard-like texture that tastes like a mixture of banana and pineapple garnished with honey. Most people add custard apple to their diet as it offers multiple health benefits. It’s an excellent source of dietary fiber, vitamin C, vitamin B6, and calcium.


Carambola is star-shaped fruit, mostly yellow-green in color. The fruit is native to Malaysia and Indonesia. Carambola is popular not only for its five or six-pointed star shape but also for the sweetness. The fruit is a rich source of vitamin C that repairs free-radical damages. It also contains potassium in small amounts that regulate blood pressure and magnesium and calcium that collectively strengthen bones.


The king of fruits, Durian, is a large, green fruit that mostly found in Asian countries. Though people turn their ways from durian because of its ugly, pungent smell, it’s extremely beneficial for people with blood pressure conditions. Not only this exotic fruit is a good source of nutrition, but it also eliminates harmful cholesterol. The thorny other shell is a house of antibiotics and contains cough-relieving properties.

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