12 Golden delicious



March 2024


Fruit - Apple


Variety - Golden Delicious


LocationColle Isarco, South Tyrol, Italy

Bought from - Enjoyed from the delicious breakfast spread at Hotel Bergkristall, Colle Isarco


Cost - n/a


Grown - South Tyrol. South Tyrol has been termed an ‘apple paradise’, as the region’s climatic conditions – over 300 days of sunshine a year! – are perfect for growing apples, resulting in it being the largest apple growing district in Europe.

Description - Whenever I go on holiday, I always try to sample the local cuisine. So, when I saw that there were locally-grown apples available at breakfast, I had to try them!

When I first picked up a Golden Delicious apple, I noticed that they have a very similar appearance to Goldrush apples (although they are slightly greener and have less distinctive brown speckles).

The apple-like aroma was familiar too, however the flesh is slightly yellower than other varieties, and it has a notably soft, almost fluffy texture – although some people prefer crispiness, personally I think this fluffiness makes for the best apples!

The juicy flesh has a medium sweet flavour that makes them even better for enjoying fresh out of hand. Their soft and sweet flesh would be perfect for use in dessert recipes too, particularly apple pies!

Storage -Refrigerate to maintain freshness

Rating - 6.5/10, I love the texture but the flavour is not as impressive as the similar-looking Goldrush variety.

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Not at the moment.


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