The My Exotic Fruit blog!

We thought there’s no better place to start than to introduce you all to our business, talk about how we began and explain what we do . . .

Welcome to A Fruit Enthusiast's Diary. A series by our founder, Colin


Some of our customers have asked us what goes on behind the scenes at a UK based exotic fruit company and the work that's involved to get weird and wonderful fruits to people's doors. Have you ever wondered the same?

5. A Fruit Enthusiast’s Diary –

Serving exotic fruit drinks at Nestlé’s Product Technology Centre

Join me as we go on the road in the UK for an outing to the Nestlé Confectionery Product Technology Centre in York with the My Exotic Fruit bar.

4. A Fruit Enthusiast’s Diary –

Pick your own organic blueberries in Exmoor

A spontaneous activity after spotting a roadside sign advertising ‘PYO Blueberries in a rural setting with spectacular views’ on a weekend trip to Lynton in Devon.

Fruity facts with Kay – 

The history of the banana


Bananas, the staple tropical fruit found in almost every household but how did they come to be such a favourite?

3. A Fruit Enthusiast’s Diary – Breadfruit simply fried in coconut oil

Enough for 3 servings.


2. A Fruit Enthusiast’s Diary – Celina Pear

A small pear with gorgeous yellow and red soft peel.

1. A Fruit Enthusiast’s Diary – Chantecler Apple

A medium to large size apple with yellow/green, semi rough peel.

Three exotic fruits you need in your life!

We all know that age-old adage: an apple a day to keep the doctor away.

But staying healthy on the same familiar fruits found in your local supermarket can get a little boring.