13 Iberiko



March 2024


Fruit -Tomato


Variety -Iberiko


LocationEnjoyed at Hotel Bergkristall, Colle Isarco, Italy

Bought from - Undisclosed location in London


Cost - £11/kg


Grown - Spain

Description - These are some of the most attractive tomatoes I’ve ever seen! They have smooth, glossy skin that’s a mixture of deep-red, brown, and green.

Beneath the tough skin of these soft fruits is a fantastic internal structure: because these tomatoes aren’t very fleshy, the interior is instead made of up of lots of cavities filled with juice and seeds.

Although I prefer fleshier tomatoes, I did enjoy the juiciness and rich flavour of this variety. I think they would pair really well with basil and a mature cheese, and a dash of sea salt.

Storage - Ripen the tomatoes at room temperature and eat at room temperature too.

Rating - 7/10. The tough skin and lack of flesh means they’re not one of my favourite varieties, but if it was 4 times bigger it would have been my dream tomato!

Available from My Exotic Fruit?

They won’t be available online, but you will be able to buy them from our new shop, The Greengrocer! The Greengrocer will always have a range of fantastic tomato varieties, however the varieties will change weekly. Please call the shop on 01277 809810 to find out what’s in stock.


Do we sell Iberiko tomato seeds and seedlings? 

Not at the moment.


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