March 2024


Fruit -Blood orange


Variety - Tarocco Gallo


LocationColle Isarco, South Tyrol, Italy

Bought from - Gogl Max Obst
& Gemuse Spezialitaten, a wonderful Italian delicatessen in Brenner, located on the borders of Italy and Austria


Cost - n/a


Grown - South Tyrol

Description - I was immediately drawn to these fruits because they were wrapped in an eye-catching foil wrapper!

Peeling back the colourful wrapper, I noticed that the oranges are flat at the top and bottom – they weren’t as round as typical oranges. The bumpy peel has a slight red blush (mainly at the bottom of the fruit), although the rosy-red colour is not as strong as that of other blood oranges.

Beneath the flesh is a small amount of pith, covering appealing segments of soft, reddish-orange flesh.

Although blood oranges are known for their tangy taste, Tarocco Gallo have a wonderful sweetness to offset the tartness: as someone with a sweet tooth, this perfect balance of sweet and sour made them a real treat!

Plus, the flesh is really juicy and super easy to chew, as the membrane between the segments is soft.

Just as the pigmentation was stronger at the bottom of the fruits, the most flavoursome and succulent flesh was located at the base too.

This is common across a lot of citrus fruits, as the juice tends to accumulate at the base!

Storage - To maintain freshness, store your oranges in refrigeration.
I think citrus fruits taste better chilled!

Rating - 8.75/10. I prefer blood oranges that are sweeter and less acidic, so they really hit the spot!

Available from My Exotic Fruit?

Not at the moment, but we do have other tarocco blood oranges available!

Do we sell Tarocco Gallo seeds and seedlings? 

Not at the moment.


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