17 Kartha kolamban



April 2024


Fruit -Mango


Variety - Kartha Kolamban


LocationUnited Kingdom

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My Exotic Fruit, Unit 19, Oaklands Farm Estate, Goatsmoor Lane, Stock, Ingatestone CM4 9RS.

01277 809810


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Grown - Sri Lanka

Description - I couldn’t wait to try the first kartha kolamban mangoes of the season!

Unlike most mango varieties, kartha kolamban mangoes remain green even once fully ripe.

When you look beneath the slightly speckled, dark green skin (which sometimes ripens to a brownish-yellow colour) of these slightly curved mangoes, you find attractive orange flesh that’s

ready to eat!

The flavour is never a disappointment! Although the rich sweetness is delicious, I particularly enjoy the unusual notes of citrus, especially the hints of orange.

While not exactly the same (kartha kolamban mangoes are notably less perfumed), the creamy flavour of the almost fibreless flesh in some ways reminds me of our popular Julie and Graham mangoes.

The flesh nearest the skin is slightly more bitter than the flesh in the centre of the fruit, as is common with mango varieties from all over the world, but it is still lovely to eat.

If you’re like me, you’ll even suck the flesh off the seed to make sure none of the fruit goes to waste!

Personally, I think they’re best eaten fresh out of hand, but if you want to be creative, you can use the flesh to make mouthwatering smoothies, juices, and sorbets

Storage - These mangoes do not respond well to being refrigerated, so leave them to ripen at room temperature. Once ripe they can be refrigerated, however this may cause discolouration of the skin.

Rating - 8.75/10. They are one of my favourite mangoes from the region because I prefer mangoes which are sweeter, fruitier, and less perfumed.

Available from My Exotic Fruit?

Yes, they’re on our website and you’ll soon be able to buy from our shop, The Greengrocer! They are seasonal fruits though, so will not be available all year round (December-March in particular is their low season).

Do we sell kartha kolamban mango seeds and seedlings? 

Not at the moment.

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We'd love to hear from you! Email us on blog@myexoticfruit.com and, with your permission, we'll add your information to our website.