20 Charentais



June 2024


Fruit -Melon


Variety - Charentais. Not to

be confused with the more common (but less flavoursome) cantaloupe melon!


LocationUnited Kingdom 🇬🇧

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01277 809810


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Grown - Morocco (although they originated and continue to be grown in France, Morocco cultivates great specimens too!)

Description - The first thing I noticed about Charentais melons is their wonderful appearance: the netted, greenish-yellow skin is divided into sections by thin green lines, creating an almost symmetrical look.

You can’t help but pick these small melons up for a smell! They have a sweet, mellow, melon aroma, with enticing hints of papaya and mango.

I was really excited to see if they taste as good as they smell!

The deep orange flesh (enveloping a central seed cavity) is quite firm, with a brilliant bite, and boasts a wonderfully sweet and aromatic flavour.

I think they’re one of the most flavoursome melons I’ve eaten! The centre of the melon is particularly mouthwatering, as this holds the sweetest and juiciest flesh. I’d rate the sweetness level as 7.5/10.

Storage - Refrigerate to maintain freshness.

Rating - 8/10. They don’t quite match the amazing texture and sweetness of my favourite melons, Australian sugar kiss melons. I also don’t think they quite compare to a super-sweet and refreshing red watermelon, but they’re still up there with my best regarded melon varieties!

Available from My Exotic Fruit?

Yes, they’re available online and will be available to buy from our shop (opening summer 2024)!

Do we sell Charentais melons seeds and seedlings? 

Not at the moment.

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