21 Marguerite



June 2024


Fruit -Pear


Variety -Marguerite


LocationUnited Kingdom 🇬🇧

Bought from


My Exotic Fruit, Unit 19, Oaklands Farm Estate, Goatsmoor Lane, Stock, Ingatestone CM4 9RS.

01277 809810


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Grown -Turkey

Description - Despite having a typical size and shape (although they’re slightly rounder and more apple-shaped than other varieties), I found these pears immediately appealing, thanks to their attractive skin.

The smooth, delicate skin is creamy-yellow to golden in colour and is covered in small brown speckles: they look almost too good to eat!

The pale-yellow flesh inside was softer and juicier than I expected. Rather than the characteristic pear crunchiness, Marguerite pears have a soft bite, and they’re also supremely succulent. They’re one of the juiciest pears I’ve ever eaten!

To make it even better, these pears have a delightful flavour. I was taken aback by their intense sweetness and fruitiness and the subtle notes of honey.

I definitely prefer them to pears with a standard aromatic, floral flavour. Plus, these pears only have a small core, meaning you have even more delicious flesh to enjoy!

Storage - Keep refrigerated once ripe. I’d recommend eating them when they’re relatively firm rather than waiting until they yield for pressure. They last for up to 2 weeks in refrigeration.

Rating - 8.5/10. As someone who likes softer, juicier fruits, these have to be one of my favourite pear varieties!

Available from My Exotic Fruit?

Yes, they’re available online and will be available to buy from our shop! They’re highly seasonal though (typically only available in May and June) and are not commercially cultivated, so they’re never around for long.

Do we sell Marguerite pear seeds and seedlings? 

Not at the moment.

Do you have something interesting to tell us about Marguerite pears, or any other fruit that we sell? 

We'd love to hear from you! Email us on blog@myexoticfruit.com and, with your permission, we'll add your information to our website.