8 Spring onion



March 2024


Fruit - Spring onion


Variety - Cipolla Rossa di Tropea Calabria (‘Red Onion of Tropea, Calabria’)


Location - United Kingdom 🇬🇧

Bought from - The My Exotic Fruit Shop, Unit 20, Oaklands Farm Estate, Goatsmoor Lane, Stock, Ingatestone CM4 9RS.

01277 809810


Cost - Market prices apply, please call the shop on 01277 809810 to check the current price


Grown - Calabria, Italy  

Description - These spring onions have a bulbous shape, with long stems at the top and large bulbs at the base (with the roots still attached).

These thick, firm vegetables stand out from the crowd due

to the fantastic purple colour of their bulbs and their rich onion aroma, a sweet fragrance that is much more intense than that of a supermarket onion.

When biting into the vegetable,

I found that the green part

wasn’t too hot but was instead delightfully sweet, juicy, and much more flavourful than standard varieties.

The heat did intensify as I moved further down the onion, yet the succulence and floral notes mean that you get a perfect balance of flavours.

They would pair fantastically with tomatoes, cheese, and salad and they will bring a wonderful colour to dishes that most varieties of spring onion wouldn’t!

Storage -Refrigerate to maintain freshness

Rating - 8/10, as spring onions go, these are a great choice

Available from My Exotic Fruit?

Yes, they will be available to buy from the My Exotic Fruit shop soon! Opening summer 2024.


Do we sell Cipolla Rossa di Tropea Calabria spring onion seeds and seedlings? 

Not at the moment.


Do you have something interesting to tell us about the Cipolla Rossa di Tropea Calabria spring onions? 

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