3 exotic fruits you should include in your diet!

Three exotic fruits 

you need in your life!

We all know that age-old adage: an apple a day to keep the doctor away. But staying healthy on the same familiar fruits found in your local supermarket can get a little boring. There is no need to panic though, as the diverse range of delicious tropical fruits available to buy from My Exotic Fruit means you can maintain your nutritious diet without sacrificing flavour!


Indeed, we specialise in bringing variety and colour to people’s diets. Stunned by the mouth-watering taste of such delights as sweet julie mangoes and lychee, the latter awing eaters with its floral tones, and the intriguing look of such curiosities as the so-called ‘buddha’s hand’ citrus fruit and the jewels that spill out of the caviar lime (as seen here on our Instagram page), exotic fruit novices quickly turn into regular customers!

Not only is our fruit delicious on its own, but there are abundant recipes for every occasion, season, and mood.

Many fruit fanatics regularly turn their fruits into a refreshing juice perfect for the summer months, and cocktails made from the ever-popular passion fruit or the visually stunning dragon fruit (which is also a fantastic source of magnesium and bursting with contain beneficial plant compounds) are ideal for spending the lighter evenings with friends.

There are plenty of desserts that you could make too, from utilising the unique flavour of pink guava, often compared somewhat to pear, to make scrumptious ice cream, to – as our latest newsletter suggested – using the aforementioned Jamaican favourite the julie mango to bake an appetizing spiced bread.

Tempted to excite your taste buds not sure what to try first? Here are three fruits that we think you’ll love:

Starfruit, Custard apple, and Durian.

Starfruit, also known as carambola

Known as starfruit due to its distinct shape, it’s cultivated mainly in Southeast Asia, native in particular to Malaysia and Indonesia.


A dazzling yellow-green in colour, it is renowned for its sweet, but slightly tart, flavour, a tasty combination that makes it versatile enough to be incorporated even into savoury dishes – check out this recipe for a tangy star fruit chutney if you are looking to add a real kick to your meals!


An excellent source of healthy plant compounds and packed full of antioxidants, it is a nutritious favourite that you need to taste.

Custard apple
Originating from the West Indies and South America, custard apples are known as much for the pale green scaly skin adorning their heart-shaped exterior as they are for their creamy, custard-like texture.


Eaters are astonished by their aromatic scent, and even more so by the glorious mixture of flavours that the fruit provides: we think it resembles a delightful combination of the tastes of banana and pineapple, garnished with a tad of honey.


Filled with protein, fibre, and vitamin C, they are a delectable, healthy treat on their own, but once again they can be used also to enrich your mealtimes; The Guardian has an article with a very interesting recipe – custard apples and deep-fried coconut ice cream!


The ‘king of fruits’, durian is certainly one of our most spectacular items.


Between its huge size – they can grow up to 20 centimetres long! – its hard external shell covered completely with spikes, its bright yellow interior, and its pungent aroma, it is hard to miss. Its cacophony of flavours too makes it special, with notes of caramel, vanilla, and almond delighting the tongue. Don’t just take our word for it: the missionary Jacques de Bourges, way back in the 17th century, exclaimed that durian ‘exceeds in delicacy of taste all our best European fruits’, and the heavenly texture of its creamy flesh explain why it is so adored across Asia.


We think durian cheesecake sounds like a perfect dinner party dessert, and why not serve with some durian ice cream?


At My Exotic Fruit, you can buy exotic fruits including starfruit, custard apple and durian, online, at reasonable prices.