In spring 2024, we were delighted to supply a special variety of banana

to feature on an episode of Dr Who!

We were asked by a member of the prestigious production company filming the show in London whether we have a specific type of banana they required to shoot a scene recreating a religious ceremony.

Working to their criteria, we ended up supplying them with our sugar bananas, a delicious and speciality banana variety that we transport by air from Sri Lanka.

Our contact in the production company (he’s used us multiple times over the years for different shows as he knows we’re the company to go to for unusual produce!) told us that if we were only able to supply green bananas, they would be able to use some ‘television magic’ to make them appear yellow.

However, we were able to source yellow sugar bananas for them. We’ll make sure to post an update when the episode airs!

This is not the first time that we have supplied fruits for those in the TV and film industry.

In fact, here at My Exotic Fruit, we are developing a brilliant reputation among those in the media as the go-to specialist fruit supplier, able to meet even the most specific of requirements.

We look forward to sourcing more hard-to-find fruits for the big screen in the future!