The project that’s occupying most

of our time, and one that we’re very excited about, is the opening of our new shop, The Greengrocer, in summer 2024!

Operating primarily as an online retailer for a decade, we can’t wait to regularly meet our customers in person.

When you come down to visit, the first thing you’ll notice is

the colourful mural adorning the shutters, painted for us

by the talented AJN Fine Art!

On either sides of the entrance, we’ve worked with the brilliant LA Gardening to create small gardens, with bamboo decoration (from the wonderful UK Bamboo and Moobba Bamboo), trickling water fountains, and Trachycarpus fortuni palm trees.

We hope the shop will be an ideal place for parents to bring their children to learn more about the wonderful world of exotic fruit, with

a fun swinging chair for customers and displays of colourful, unusual produce!

Our shop will of course sell many

of our customer favourites from

our exotic fruit range, including mangoes, citrus fruits, and soursop.

JUNE 2024:



2024 marks 10 years

since My Exotic Fruit was founded! With each year that’s gone by, we’ve got bigger and better, expanding our stock, our team, and our premises. However, our 10th year

is possibly our busiest ever…

Our shop, The Greengrocer, a few months before opening

However, we’ll also offer a selection of more conventional fruits and veg of the highest quality, from Italian tomatoes

to eye-catching Florida Pearl strawberries!

Additionally, the shop will have a small area stocked with artisan breads and local Essex honey,

so customers will have a lot to choose from!

Another big transition for us is our move into a new, 3300 square foot warehouse. This new facility is much bigger than our existing warehouse, with longer packing stations, a larger refrigeration space, a much more convenient prep area, and a comfier staff room!

Whilst this is welcome news to everyone who packs our customers’ orders, the rest of the team hasn’t been left out: over the past few months, we’ve been renovating a unit to turn it into the main office for our admin, marketing, and trade departments.

The staff love the bright, airy office, that’s handily located between the shop and the new warehouse!

It’s best in the summer, as when the doors and windows are open, the staff can see the colourful wildflower meadow from their desks, and the scents from the kiwi plants, grape vines, and arbutus trees adorning the decking fill the office, making it in an even lovelier place to work!

Yet, without a doubt, the favourite place for all our

staff members has to be

our exotic fruit garden.

The team at LA Gardening have helped us cultivate a wonderful green space filled with hundreds

of varieties of fruit and veg.

Alongside some more usual British garden finds, such as strawberries, raspberries, grapes, and gooseberries, we naturally have exotic plants too: we’re particularly pleased with our pak choi and goji berries!

Our herb box adds a brilliant aroma to the garden too; when we’re having our weekly staff

BBQs, the chef often includes some of our parsley and mint

in the dishes!