I'm a Celebrity



In 2020, we were excited to be contacted by the team working on the hit ITV show I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here!

Due to the travel restrictions of the pandemic, the show had to move from its usual location of Australia to Gwrych Castle in Wales.

Now based in the UK, the team needed a new supplier for all their exotic fruit needs. Being the country’s premier source of rare, tropical fruits, it’s not surprising they came to us!

The I’m A Celeb team were

firstly looking for fruits to serve to campmates as part of their regular mealtimes. As part of their time in the camp, the campmates were entitled to a certain amount of fruit per day.

We worked closely with the

on-site chef to curate a good selection of produce, supplying fruits that we thought would intrigue the campmates and which would be best fruit for their diet.


We were really pleased with the tailored range we created for them, and the campmates were too: one of the campmates said that one of the best experiences of their time on the show was trying all the new fruits!

As well as these fruits, the team asked us for produce they could include in the show’s infamous ‘bushtucker trials’. They were particularly interested in noni fruit.

Although, as with all exotic fruit, we love noni fruit, it’s true that they have a reputation as a Marmite fruit – that is, you either love them or hate them! These small, bumpy-skinned Polynesian fruits have earned this status due to their pungent aroma, which is often compared to that of strong cheese.

Whilst the unique, savoury taste makes them popular in Thai cuisine, often being included in curries, we can understand why the perfume may make them either extremely enticing or extremely off-putting!

Despite noni only being commercially cultivated on a small scale, we managed to find a supplier for the fruits for the ITV team.

They were so pleased with the experience of ordering from us that the following year, the show’s producers reached out to us again for more noni fruit! Keeping with the show’s jungle theme, they also asked us for coconuts.

They needed ones of a uniformly large size – we knew our sprouted coconuts would be perfect.

After the filming had finished, the team got back in touch with us to tell us how happy they were with the produce and that they’d be sure to contact us if they had any other special requests!

It was a pleasure working with the ITV team and we can’t wait for more opportunities to

put our fruits on the big screen!