Loose Women



We at My Exotic Fruit have worked with all of the UK’s most prestigious TV broadcasting channels over

the years

One of the highlights for Managing Director Colin though was when we worked with Loose Women, as we not only supplied them with fruit, but were also able to share our knowledge of exotic fruit on set.

We received an email from ITV asking us to provide some fruits for a I’m a Celebrity-inspired ‘bushtucker trial’ for the cast and the celebrity guests for an upcoming episode – the guest happened to be Boris Johnson’s father, Stanley Johnson (Georgia Toffolo, aka ‘Toff’, from Made in Chelsea was also a guest, however she didn’t take part in the bushtucker trial)!

We supplied them with three popular exotic fruits from our range: Vietnamese ‘dona’ durian, noni fruit, and cempedak.

While our customers enjoy them, we chose them as they have a reputation for having a strong odour and distinctive taste that either tantalises or puts off potential eaters.

You were not technically supposed to take pictures on set,

but Colin couldn’t resist a sly snap for the My Exotic Fruit memory bank!

Durian, for example, has famously been banned from some hotels and public transport in Thailand, Japan, and Hong Kong due to its pungent aroma!

Colin was invited to the ITV studio in White City to provide some culinary and cultural information about the fruits to the cast and crew to help the team write the script. He also assisted in the setting up and preparation of the fruits for filming and eating.

After helping them with these behind-the-scenes tasks, Colin stayed to watch the show.

Click on the video below to see the outcome (skip ahead to 06:57) – Stanley enjoyed all of the fruits, although the cast did not find them particularly appealing!

We did select the Marmite of fruits, so it’s not surprising that there were strong love and hate reactions!

This was only one of the many times that we have worked with those in the TV and film industry, however we don’t often get involved in such off-screen ‘magic’ as the script writing, so this was really special!