Mandy sandwich


Here at My Exotic Fruit, we are no strangers to the film and TV industry. However,

it was a first for us when Mandy, one of our staff members, informed us

that a recipe featuring

our very own produce

was included on a TV cooking show!

Mandy's Satay Sandwich

After 30 years of working for the police, Mandy joined our team as a packing assistant.

As someone who has always loved cooking, with a particular passion for exploring Asian cuisine, she is a perfect fit for our business.

She herself notes that working at My Exotic Fruit ‘tickles my curiosity of the weird and wonderful produce that is grown in the world!’


Mandy loves coming up with recipes based on what we have in stock – she especially loves creating spicy recipes using our chillies!

When we had purple spring onions available during early 2024, she jumped at the chance to incorporate them in a new recipe: a wonderful satay sandwich, consisting of brown bread, peanut butter, soy sauce, and spring onions.

She knew that this brilliant

sarnie was too good not to share!

She sent in the recipe to the popular Channel 4 show Sunday Brunch, and they were so impressed with it that it was featured on their ‘Elite Snacks’ section of the programme!

The guests on the episode loved tucking into her sandwich almost as much as we did when we recreated Mandy’s recipe ourselves!

We hope more staff recipes grace the small screen in the future!