Navel chocolate orange



Eurofruit Magazine. April 2022. Page 70-72.

In April 2022, My Exotic Fruit founder and managing director Colin was interviewed by Maura Maxwell (@maurafruitnet on Twitter/X) at Fruitnet.

Fruitnet is one of the most prominent publishers and event organisers for the global fruit and vegetable market.

Our article in Fruitnet’s Eurofruit Magazine focused on how navel chocolate oranges are taking the fruit world by storm! Colin noted that a lot of the buzz surrounding these specialist citrus fruits stems from their name. As the popularity of our chocolate pudding fruit (black sapote) shows, the peculiar concept of a ‘chocolate’ fruit is something that appeals to everybody!

Seasonality plays a part too. Typically harvested between December and January/February, they are ideal for holiday gifting.

Due to their low yield and high Brix (sugar) levels, these delicious fruits are considered gourmet oranges, so they are guaranteed to impress even the most hard to please fruit aficionados!

We know we’re biased, but we really do believe that special fruits make wonderful gifts.

We’re not alone in thinking this:

  • Fruit gifting is an ancient tradition in India (Hindus historically exchanged fruit baskets on Diwali).

  • Putting oranges in Christmas stockings was all the rage in the UK in the 19th and early 20th century.

This is why, on our new website (which will be live by the end of 2024), we will have a dedicated fruit gifting section that will showcase all the best fruits to celebrate the most important occasions of the year.

In fact, we’re currently speaking

to Japanese suppliers about acquiring Japanese melons and Japanese mangoes, which are some of the most globally sought-after varieties.

Rare Miyazaki mangoes, for instance, are the world’s most expensive mangoes!

However, if you’re in need of an urgent gift, don’t panic.

We have lots of options for you:

We have something for every occasion!