Southend Echo



Southend Echo. September 26, 2023.

In September 2023, My Exotic Fruit founder and managing director Colin was interviewed by the Southend Echo about his new fruit and vegetable shop opening in 2024!

Just as our mission is to provide the UK public with a taste of the wider world, as soon as customers set eyes on our shop, they will feel instantly transported: adorned with water fountains, vibrant plants, and bamboo decoration, our shop will be a true tropical haven nestled in the heart of the Essex woodland, in the town of Stock.

The journey will continue once customers are inside. Colin noted how the shop will be ‘immersive and educational’, with the world-famous Rainforest Café as our inspiration.

Whether young or old, we aim to both excite and inform all our customers, using the help of larger-than-life fruit models, information stations, and, of course, the fruits themselves.

In fact, local schools are so keen for their pupils to learn about the array of unfamiliar fruits that we sell that they’ve already organised visits to our shop, fruit garden, and tropical greenhouse! We firmly believe that our shop will be the best fruit and vegetable shop in Essex.

Alongside an impressive range of rare exotic produce, we will also sell a variety of highly-prized variations of more well-known items, from purple garlic and red potatoes to top-quality berries and tomatoes.

Colin and My Exotic Fruit co-owner Derry will be making regular appearances in the shop to share their extensive fruit knowledge!