Welcome everyone to the My Exotic Fruit blog

Welcome everyone to the My Exotic Fruit blog!

We thought there’s no better place to start than to introduce you all to our business, talk about how we began and explain what we do. 


So what is ‘My Exotic Fruit’?


We are the UK's leading online retailer of exotic fruit. We offer the widest range of products to the largest number of online customers  


We’ve been selling to the public and the finest restaurants, bars and hotels since 2014. We also supply food manufacturers (including distillers, breweries, bakers, and confectioners), cosmetics companies, tv shows and film producers.


Since we established, we’ve been tasked with all manor of fruity enquiries, over the years sourcing the most obscure fruits from the most far-flung countries. (There is nothing our Produce Team like more than tracking down these fruits for our customers.) 

The vast majority of our orders are delivered to your door however we are always delighted to meet our local customers at our warehouse in Essex.

When did My Exotic Fruit begin?

We started trading in 2014. It was the idea of Colin, our owner, who at the time was working at a local hospitality venue. Colin had an intense interest in bartending, specifically mixing and serving cocktails. He also developed a taste for travelling, mainly across Asia. On a trip to Thailand in 2013, Colin was mesmerised by the tastes, colours, aromas and health benefits of the wonderful fruits he discovered. He returned to the UK and started to find ways to bring the fruits to the UK too. 

He started selling the fruits locally whilst also harnessing his drinks knowledge to turn the exotic fruits into cocktails. 


He founded a mobile tiki bar and travelled around serving tropical drinks at public and private events. There were many opportunities in the early years to work with or for well-known figures and large brands which all helped increase the profile of My Exotic Fruit. As Colin and the small team travelled around the country serving at different events, more and more people asked to buy the fruits. 


Colin was passionate about introducing to others the fruits he loved. To give the opportunity to customers all over the UK it was around 2015 that we decided to start selling the fruits online. 


We found a reliable courier company who helped us send our fruits across the UK and into Europe, giving our customers access to fruits they would not otherwise be able to buy.


What do we do now?


We still to this day continue what we started back in 2015. Selling the best quality fruits through our website to our retail and trade customers from all walks of life! Although we now have an even wider range of fruits and our business has grown significantly. We now send tens of thousands of parcels each year and have a team of around 10 people involved in the running of the business. 


So if you’d like to try some exotic fruits and want the convenience of them being delivered to your door within days then you’ve come to the right place. 


In the last 8 years we’ve learnt a lot and we’re confident we are the best at what we do. It's a big claim, and we are always looking to improve, but is based on what our customer tell us and the reviews we have received


If you are new to us we'd be delighted to welcome you as a customer. Place your order for some of our crunchy Salak Pondoh, our dry powdery vanilla flavour stinking toe or our Nigerian Safou and see for yourself the marvels that Mother Nature provide us. 

Take the opportunity now to experience fantastic new tastes from My Exotic Fruit.