Welcome to a fruit enthusiasts diary



Some of our customers have asked what goes on behind the scenes at a UK-based exotic fruit company and the work that's involved to get weird and wonderful fruits to people's doors. Have you ever wondered the same? If so, read on. We hope you find it interesting.


This is the place you can gain an insight into the fruity adventures of Colin, founder of My Exotic Fruit. Being the founder of the UK's leading exotic fruit retailer, Colin has found himself immersed into the world of ultra-specialist food and the peculiar requests that come with it.

Think of the TV shows that document the lives of truffle hunters or caviar sellers and the extraordinary goings on they experience daily, that's Colin but with exotic fruit. 


The fascination with exotic fruit began in 2013 when he first visited Thailand. The following year he established the very beginnings of My Exotic Fruit, and 10 further trips to Asia and 9 years later, the passion for fruit is as strong as ever! His desire to learn about fruit grows with every year so he's started this blog series to connect with other fruity individuals to share knowledge and experiences.

Whilst Colin is most fond of exotic fruit found in the tropical regions, he is always on the hunt for newvarieties and takes a keen interest too in fruit cultivated in the UK and those we now regard as conventional fruits. You can expect varied content written by Colin, and we're sure there will be plenty to pique your interest.


"A Fruit Enthusiast's Diary" is a long-term project during which Colin aims to document his experiences dealing with some 2000 different fruits. Diverse experiences such as meetings with future state presidential candidates to discuss policies to promote local fruits for export, to sourcing fruits for Royalty and billionaires, providing hard to come by exotics for TV and blockbuster films to sourcing top quality new and interesting fruits for our ever-growing customer base. We never forget that you, our customer is the most important person in our business.

We can't wait to share his fruity missions here and hope you will enjoy learning more about the world of an exotic fruit dealer!

Not only will you hear about regular fruity encounters like farm tours but also look out for Colin's fruit reviews. Do you buy some fruits which never seem to ripen properly or maybe you struggle to identify perfectly ripe fruits when shopping?

Well, the reviews will be your perfect place to learn more about tropical fruits and help you decide what to purchase from www.myexoticfruit.com or elsewhere if you already have your own exotic fruit supplier.

Colin will be reviewing fruits without bias so you can be sure that you will find honest fruit reviews pointing you in the direction of the best fruits to buy at the time.


The blog series will mainly look to the future, but the past is not to be forgotten. Colin also intends to write about some of the magical fruity moments which remain at the forefront of his mind, particularly from his tours around Asia.

Milk Fruit, also known as Star Apple.

One of Colin's fondest and earliest memories of encounters with tropical fruits is gaining permission from some monks in Laos to try egg fruit (pouteria campechiana) and milk fruit (chrysophyllum cainito) for the first time from the grounds of their monastery. This was in the middle of an intense ash storm!

You'll also have the chance to learn here first about the development of the My Exotic Fruit tropical garden which is a project on which Colin is taking the lead.

We have a growing (excuse the pun) collection of tropical and exotic fruit plants mostly grown from seed in greenhouses next to our warehouse.

Not only is this a personal project for Colin to see what exotic fruits he can grow successfully here in the UK but also a chance for you to purchase rare fruit plants and even some UK-grown exotic fruits which we would normally have to import.

As of summer 2022, we are now harvesting, in small quantities, fresh kaffir limes and leaves (citrus hystrix) and leaf of life (bryophyllum pinnatum).


To say thank you for reading the blogs, Colin will be offering some exclusive discount codes (££!) right here in his articles which you won't be able to find elsewhere.


We would love to hear of YOUR experiences trying or searching for exotic fruits on your travels or perhaps favourite fruits you've tasted elsewhere or even in the UK (for publication here with your permission).


We hope you enjoyed this introduction to the blog and would be delighted to receive any feedback from you.

PS: Would you like to hear more about the behind-the-scenes workings of the company?

Maybe you are considering starting your own food business and would like to know what it takes to run a specialist food operation.

Well, look out for our other blog series by co-owner Derry coming soon, where you can learn about how we run the business.