5. Nestlé My Exotic Fruit juice bar



A corporate wellness booking for the My Exotic Fruit Bar

Stone apple, pink guava and soursop juice

An unusual mix, it’s certainly not often you’ll find these three fruits in the same sentence let alone the same drink, but we think we’ve devised a winning combination. Thick creamy stone apple puree made from the dense syrup-filled flesh of ripe fruits mixed with floral and sweet pink guava puree and topped up with soursop juice. We add a dash of lemon to make sure it’s not too sweet.

For the best soursop juice to drink neat, or to make cocktails with, check out our sister company www.soursopuk.com. Soursop fruit and juice are usually available here at My Exotic Fruit. On the rare occasion we do not have availablity, Soursop UK will.

If you’re looking for a juice bar with a difference for your corporate wellness day or some exotic fruit cocktails served at your own event, we’d love to hear from you. You can contact us via our contact page.


A special thanks must go to Liz for all her help and hospitality on the day, and also to both Liz and Summer from Nestlé who chose us to be the drinks suppliers for the day.

It was also a pleasure to briefly speak with Louise, Global R&D Lead for Confectionery at Nestlé, who shared with us some interesting facts about KitKat research and production. I was particularly surprised to find out that the peculiar KitKats which have become a mainstay of Japanese confectionery are all developed here by the team in York, the global home of KitKat! 

It was a delight to talk all things fruit with the team at Nestlé and learn a little bit about how confectionery is developed at Nestlé. Our exotic fruit juices were received splendidly by the team at Nestlé so we're already in discussion about how My Exotic Fruit can be involved in future Nestlé events and maybe become an occasional supplier to the PTC.

My Exotic Fruit started in 2014 as an exotic-fruit- focused events service, offering cocktails, mocktails, platters and any other fruity concoctions we were asked to create, for events mainly in London and the southeast of England.

Now, online fruit retailing represents a large proportion of our business. However, we still enjoy serving for numerous corporate and private events each year.

You can find more about our events services at:


Ugli fruit juice 

Also known as Jamaica tangelo

Ugli fruit, which gets the name due to its often-unattractive peel and uneven shape, is a Jamaican citrus fruit related to orange, tangerine, pomelo and grapefruit.

The bitterness of ugli fruit is less than that of its grapefruit relative but still enough to perfectly balance the sweetness inherited from the orange and tangerine.

Not only has ugli fruit become popular due to it being a less bitter alternative to the grapefruit but also, they don’t contain furanocoumarins which is the class of compounds found in grapefruit that some people need to avoid if taking certain medications.

Our drink recipe is simple. To make our pure ugli fruit juice, hard work is the only added ingredient! Simply just wash, peel, de-pith, juice and strain fresh ugli fruits fresh from Jamaica to make this healthy drink. You may choose to add a dash of spring water.

Our ugli fruits are grown by Trout Hall Ltd in Jamaica. If you’d like to get in touch with the farmers or learn more about the history of ugli fruit, make sure to check out their website.

Perhaps you’d like to discover new ways to incorporate ugli fruit in your diet? Their website also shares many different recipes, my favourites being the Caribbean Cold Souffles and the Thai Salad of UGLI® & Shrimp.

Do you fancy trying some fresh ugli fruit here in the UK? If so Click here to visit our online shop and place an order. 

Join me as we go on the road in the UK for an outing to the Nestlé Confectionery Product Technology Centre in York with the My Exotic Fruit bar.

Usually, I write to you all about my experiences with fresh fruits, but I thought it was about time I told you more about our mobile bar specialising in cocktails and non-alcoholic fruit drinks. Many of our customers not only order their fruits from us but also book our exotic fruit bar for their event so if you're interested in this too, read on!


We had the pleasure of serving at Nestlé’s ‘Nest Fest 2022’ and on the menu, three of my favourite exotic fruit juices we’ve created this summer.

Jackfruit juice

A sweet, tropical drink that tastes of a wonderful combinaton of banana, mango and pineapple. We make it with the sweetest tree-ripened Sri Lankan jackfruit which gives the drink a luscious sweet, floral aroma.

Did you know the world's best-selling chewing gum is based on the flavour of jackfruit!

Not only is jackfruit good for making drinks, it's delicious eaten raw and can also be cooked! If you'd like us to come and serve fresh jackfruit as well as many other fresh tropical fruits at your

your event – birthday, wedding, family gathering or corporate wellness event, get in touch. We provide a spectacular staffed fruit platter with numerous fresh and tasty tropical fruits served to your family/friends or employees whilst explaining the different health benefits, uses and flavours of each fruit!