Selection boxes and gift baskets

Selection boxes and gift baskets


Our selection boxes are intended to take the decision out of your hands. You know you want to try some new exotic fruits but you can't decide which ones. Leave it to us, we will make up a selection for you from the exotic fruits, fresh and dried, found in the Online Shop.

The selection boxes are the most economical way of purchasing from us, as the fruits you receive will work out cheaper than had you bought them individually. Selection boxes are currently available in 4 sizes. 

While our selection boxes are suitable for many customers, if there are particular fruits that you would like to try, we recommend that you purchase the fruits individually.

Exotic fruit selection boxes

Available in 4 sizes

Here's your chance to have a surprise selection of delicious and unusual exotic fruits delivered to your door.

If this is your first time shopping with us and your flexible about which fruits you try, then a selection box is perfect for you.

Deluxe box

Our deluxe selection box will contain at least 30 different varieties valued at between £215 to £235 and will always include some of the higher priced fruits found in our online shop.

"I bought this for my Dad's birthday. He was absolutely over the moon. Couldn't have been more pleased. A big thank you to My Exotic Fruit."

Hayley, Middlesex


Are you in need of a gift for someone special? If they are a fruit eater or a foodie, then we suggest looking no further. We have the perfect product for you. Neatly packaged in a wicker basket and cellophane wrapped, these irresistible selections make an impressive and unique gift that never disappoints.

With a selection of 10-30 fruits in the basket, depending on the size ordered, the fruits will keep the lucky receiver happy over the course of a week as they ripen. Once dispatched we send an email with guidance on how to store each fruit and the best way to consume.


A fruit eater’s delight.

Exotic fruit gift baskets

Available in 3 sizes

We are confident in saying that within the UK, this is without doubt the ultimate gift for the fruit connoisseur.

For somebody who has everything. A superb collection of exotic fruits, unrivalled by none, not even London's finest retailers.

Deluxe basket

Our deluxe basket will contain at least 30 different varieties valued at around £215 and will always include some of the higher priced fruits found in our online shop and may also include exclusive varieties which are ordered in specially and not listed on our website. 

"Amazing. My wife was delighted. The fruits were exquisite."

Sam, Leeds