Taste to die for


Fruit that smells like a dead body

January 22nd 2023. Page 15.

In January 2023, My Exotic Fruit founder Colin was asked to contribute to a newspaper article about one of the most renowned exotic fruits: Durian

Although the ‘king of fruits’, as durian is often called, is notorious for its pungent aroma, it has long been a favourite among exotic fruit lovers.

The fruit is starting to become

well known among novices too,

as viral social media posts are drawing attention to the striking appearance of the spiked shell and the divine custard and almond flavours of the flesh.

Colin noted how the rise in demand is also due to the

impact of tourism. He described how tourists to Thailand acquire

a taste for the fruit on their travels, so they are eager to experience

its wonderful flavour again when arrive back on British soil!